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Dr Julia Patterson MBBS iBSc (1st hons) MRCPsych


Julia qualified as a doctor in 2010, and after working in a range of medical specialities (like all junior doctors), she started training to become a consultant psychiatrist.

For a number of years Julia ran national campaigns speaking up for NHS staff and patients alongside her clinical work. As time went on, things deteriorated within the NHS, and eventually in 2019 Julia and a team of other doctors launched EveryDoctor.

Julia has run EveryDoctor as her full-time job since the beginning of the pandemic, when government failings led to patient and staff safety failures, and EveryDoctor launched its powerful #ProtectNHSworkers campaign.

Julia has two small children, and enjoys baking with them, extremely amateurish gardening, and writing. She has recently launched a newsletter on Substack called Call to Action, and just published her first book with Harper Collins, “Critical”, which explains how politicians are destroying the NHS and how we can fight for it.

Running EveryDoctor has been an intense 5 years, stressful at times, with constant challenges and a steep learning gradient.

The thing that has kept Julia going, the thing she values the most, is our community.

The EveryDoctor community is an extraordinary group of people, and Julia feels privileged and humbled to speak to them every single day.

Dr Georgina Wood MBBS, MRCP(UK), MRCP(Oncology), BSc(hons), MSc, PhD

Georgina is a Consultant Medical Oncologist in London. She has a PhD in Tumour Biology. Georgina is a classically trained soprano who is also partial to belting out Whitney at karaoke. She loves exploring the world, cooking, long walks in muddy fields and yoga.

Georgina is a founding director of EveryDoctor. Since its inception she has been passionate about the vital role that EveryDoctor plays in advocating for the lives and wellbeing of all UK doctors and healthcare workers.

Georgina is dedicated to the NHS. She believes that truly valuing NHS healthcare staff is key to harnessing the power of our medical workforce, in order to facilitate effective, meaningful system improvements and sustainable change.

Dr Emily H Ball, B.Med.Sci, B.M.B.S

Emily is originally from Liverpool (via Cork, Newcastle and Massachusetts) and graduated as a doctor from the University of Nottingham in 2003. She had always wanted to become a GP, and did her GP training in Liverpool. She now works in the leafy suburbs of Liverpool as a GP partner. She cares passionately about patients, and enjoys the holistic nature of general practice.

Emily is married with one teenage daughter, and has a cat and (begrudgingly) a pet snake. She’s politically aware and proud of her socialist roots. Emily is part of EveryDoctor because she’s horrified by the direction the NHS is headed in, and is keen that we take action to avoid where it appears to be heading.

The NHS has been used as a political football by too many people for too long, and Emily feels it is time to get back to what it was created for; it needs proper funding and an emphasis on patient need. EveryDoctor allows us to flag up the realities of what’s happening (that people may otherwise be unaware of), keep people informed, and organise action.

Emily is part of EveryDoctor because it seems that no other political group has the will or intent to improve and save the NHS.

Dr Maria Corretge LM (MBBS), MRCP (UK), MRCP (Geriatrics), FRCP (Edinburgh), Dip Philosophy, Ethics and Religion

Maria graduated as a doctor from a Spanish University, having spent two years in Toulouse and Belgium through Erasmus grants. She is a full-time NHS Consultant in Geriatric and General Medicine in Scotland, with an interest in Parkinson’s disease, with a small private practice commitment on top. 

She has lived in the UK for twenty years, and is Mum to two girls and a dog. She loves drawing, yoga and being near the sea. Maria has an interest in Philosophy and a diploma in Philosophy, Ethics and Religion. She believes in the importance of knowing more about behaviour that perpetuates inequality in the NHS and beyond.

Maria hopes that EveryDoctor can improve things and strengthen the medical profession and for the NHS.

Dr Kath Fielder

Kath trained as a doctor later than most after completing a degree in English Literature with a minor in Neuropsychology, and is a GP in County Durham. Her special interest is in Mental Health, predominantly trauma and neurodivergence. She is passionate about the impacts of trauma on people’s mental and physical well-being and believes significant changes are needed to effectively manage this and address the underlying causes within wider Public Health.

Kath has ADHD and is a strong advocate for better understanding of neurodiversity to enable everyone to live as well as possible. She works in a specialist neurodevelopmental assessment and treatment clinic in Newcastle.

She is a fierce believer in the fundamental principles of the NHS and is incredibly concerned by the worsening deprivation and health inequalities in the UK today.

Mr Matyas Fehervari MSc, PhD, FRCS

Matyas is a dedicated Bariatric Surgeon with a passion for researching, treating obesity and utilising endoscopy techniques. With a commitment to research, compassionate care, and prevention, he aims to make a positive impact on the lives of those struggling with obesity and related diseases and contribute to a healthier future for our communities.

Matyas is a proud and loving dad of two amazing children, and is grateful to have a wonderful wife. When he’s not taking care of his kids, he’s out enjoying his favourite sports, including cycling, running, and squash. One of his greatest joys is sharing quality time with his son and daughter while fishing together. Beyond sports and family, he has a passion for the arts, and loves attending theatre performances and collecting rare LPs to indulge his musical interests.

As a proud member of EveryDoctor (one of the first 500 to join), Matyas joined the team because he strongly felt the need for a professional

organisation that could represent and advocate for doctors. He is proud to be part of this team and to contribute to a better future for healthcare professionals and patient care. 

Matyas firmly believes that Every Doctor has the potential to bridge the gap in the representation of healthcare professionals. Witnessing the remarkable growth and significant impact the organisation has achieved in just a few years has been truly inspiring to him. Together, he hopes we can drive meaningful change and shape a brighter future for healthcare professionals and the patients they serve.

Dr Damir Rafi MBChB BSc MAcadMEd

Damir is a core trainee in psychiatry, based in London. He graduated in 2018 from the University of Birmingham. He has an interest in medical education and spent a year working at Imperial College medical school as a digital education fellow prior to entering speciality training in psychiatry.

Damir enjoys playing sports, especially squash, tennis and golf, and is also a keen chess player. He joined the EveryDoctor team as he was impressed by the organisation’s core values and principles, and wanted to be part of a group which helps fight for doctors and patients at a critical moment for the NHS. 

EveryDoctor does not seek to align with any political party or ideology, but rather aims to speak out for the core principles of the NHS and against injustices. Its tireless work in this regard makes it a useful and necessary voice, at a time when the NHS is more under threat than ever before.

Dr Andrew Meyerson MBBS MA BA

Dr Andrew Meyerson is an NHS A&E doctor, former Peace Corps Volunteer in Morocco, and former Israeli-Palestinian peace activist, originally from the United States. Having witnessed the harms of American privatised healthcare, he is a fierce advocate for a publicly-run NHS and marches with the SOSNHS coalition and NHS Workers Say No!. After qualifying in 2019, he volunteered twice during the pandemic on the COVID-19 wards and is passionate about healthcare delivery and smart policies that protect public health. He has written about the NHS in the Guardian, the Independent, and the Mirror, and has appeared on BBC News, CBS, Al Jazeera, LBC, Novara Media, and the Owen Jones Show.

Andrew yearns for the day when the NHS is cared for by the government and is no longer in crisis, so that he can focus on taking care of his patients, spending more time with family, reading for pleasure, and returning to his first love of photography. He lives in London with his partner Angelica and their baby chiquito Don Ricardo Carranza.

Andrew joined the EveryDoctor team because he firmly believes that we are at a major inflection point in the history of the NHS and that we must all work together to protect the health service as it undergoes the worst assault in its 75-year history.

EveryDoctor is a critical member of the SOSNHS coalition and we are fighting back against a militant government that has engineered the worst crisis in NHS history. After destroying millions of lives in their march to privatise the NHS, this government is being held accountable by organisations like EveryDoctor and that’s why their work is so important right now.

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