Sustainability + EveryDoctor

EveryDoctor upholds the highest standards of social and environmental responsibility, public transparency and legal accountability across everything we do.

We’re an inclusive employer, which means we are proactive in creating a culture and adopting practices that recognise, respect and value differences for everyone’s benefit. Diversity and inclusion are present in all aspects of our work, from how we build our team, to the issues that we campaign on and the support we provide to doctors across the UK.

We apply the same standards and values to all those we do business with – from employees to suppliers and partners. We seek to work with suppliers and partners who deliver outstanding value, and sustainability will play an ever-increasing role in how we define this value, see Sourcing Code below.

Key Principles of our Sourcing Code:

1. Health and wellbeing: taking into account the welfare of our people and those directly and indirectly affected by our choices, including those involved in our value chain

2. Responsible sourcing: adhering to recognised environmental, social and ethical requirements and standards, and always behaving with integrity and fairness

3. Minimal environmental impact: optimising resource efficiency, avoiding waste and pollution, protecting biodiversity and driving positive climate action

4. Transparency: applying transparent governance and reporting processes across our business, free from corruption or bribery

Please contact us at if you ever have any questions about our sustainability efforts.

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