Our Map of Privatisation in the Ambulance Service

As is the case across so much of the NHS (see our other maps [link]) private healthcare companies are now making a profit out of ambulance services.

EveryDoctor has researched the extent of the privatisation of NHS ambulance services across the whole UK; you can see the results on this map and they’re *shocking*.

Visit Our Map of Privatisation in the Ambulance Service

Our Map of Privatisation & Outsourcing & MPs Interests (2019-2023)

We have moved our map of privatisation across to We are continuing to add new data and it is linked to a tool you can use to contact your MP . We need to highlight the scale of privatised and outsourced services and stand up for the NHS. 

Revealing NHS Trusts' PFI Debt (2023)

It is EveryDoctor’s position that the provision of healthcare, including the building and running of hospitals, should never be for profit – that’s why we have produced a map

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