Tragically, even after 150,000 people have died during the pandemic — including 1,500 healthcare workers — those in power seem to have not learned a single lesson from the last ten years of health policy failures. In this piece I make the argument that the new Health and Care bill should be immediately withdrawn and […]

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EveryDoctor is a leading voice on doctor and patient safety, well-being and working conditions in the NHS. Journalists can contact us via email at: EveryDoctor urges MPs to take five key steps with ‘NHS collapsing’ 3rd January 2023 The National “What value do we place on the health of our nation?” – Dr Julia

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COVID-19: ‘Government haven’t been putting science front and centre in response to Omicron’ 4th January 2022 Sky News Covid: Government use of ‘VIP lane’ to award PPE contracts was ‘unlawful’, High Court rules 14th January 2022 ITV News Covid: Government’s PPE ‘VIP lane’ unlawful, court rules 14th January 2022 BBC

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COVID-19 has Plunged GPs Into an Even Bigger Crisis, Doctors Warn 7th January 2021 Byline Times All over-50s could have Covid vaccine by end of March as UK sources ‘confident’ 29th March 2021 Daily Mirror Chief medical officers warn there is ‘risk of NHS being overwhelmed’ 29th March 2021 Daily Mail

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Dr Siti Ibrahim speaks out about the NHS staffing crisis 16th January 2020 Facebook Dr Tony O’Sullivan expresses concerns about NHS privatisation 16th January 2020 Daily Express EveryDoctor exposes widespread burnout in the NHS 16th January 2020 ITV News

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