"The NHS will last as long as there are folk left with the faith to fight for it"

Nye Bevan

...We are those folk


EveryDoctor is a campaigning organisation fighting for patients, staff and the future of the NHS.

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"It's time to fund the NHS properly or hold a referendum on its future."

Dr Julia Patterson
Chief Executive,
EveryDoctor Ltd.

What is EveryDoctor?

If you’re worried about the NHS and you want to help change things, you’ve come to the right place.

We’re called EveryDoctor, because we started off as a collective of UK doctors.

The name itself comes from the idea of “everyman”; we’re ordinary doctors who were seeing problems in the NHS and wanted a way to safely speak up. 

EveryDoctor grew bigger and other people asked to join. Other wonderful people, just like you, who were worried about the NHS.

We were blown away, and we started our “supporter” membership, which over a thousand people signed up for!

We couldn’t believe it. 

Now, almost 5 years later, we’ve decided to think much bigger.

Right from the start, our community has always been at the centre of what we do; helping us run smarter campaigns, providing local intelligence, sharing concerns. 

We learn more, and we support one another when we act together. Campaigning is hard. Creating change is difficult, stressful, intense (and wonderful). 

The NHS cannot be saved through one person holding the megaphone, or a few clever people coming up with all of the ideas. 

Being in community makes us stronger – we have a voice that cannot be ignored.

As Nye Bevan said “The NHS will last as long as there are folk willing to fight for it”. 

We’re those ‘folk’, and we think you might be too.

We really hope you’ll join us. 

Campaigning to protect NHS workers.
Making it difficult for politicians to ignore us.
Written by our Chief Exec (and we are all so proud of her).

What We Do


Our work is underpinned by the views, thoughts, insights and knowledge of thousands of people; doctors, health workers, patients and others.

We have now built a space for everybody who wants to fight for the NHS to come together.

We need to build a community movement now, because there’s no time to lose.

You’d be so welcome, and we hope you’ll join us today. 


We do this by;

- contributing to thousands of media pieces, advocating for the NHS,  patients and staff

- publicising testimony from those on the NHS frontline 

- holding politicians to account to push them into action 

- providing a  whistleblowing portal to make our work safer and more effective.


Doctors and patients are not opposing groups; although the media often attempts to pit patients against NHS staff.

We’re in this together. 

We run national campaigns speaking up for the welfare of patients and the staff who care for them.

Since the pandemic, we have run over 25 parliamentary briefings and we work closely with politicians to achieve our campaign goals.


Doctors function with inadequate support; unsustainable work pressures have led to widespread burnout. Every doctor should be supported in pursuit of their vital work.

We support doctors by offering:

-A whistleblower portal for when they face unfair treatment in their workplaces

- free yoga for our members 

- a supportive community for peer support.

EveryDoctor wins policy changes to make the NHS safer.

We believe in a future NHS where every patient is safe and every staff member is supported; and it’s all in public ownership, free at the point of delivery.

EveryDoctor Board of Directors from left to right:
Dr Julia Patterson & Dr Georgina Wood.

Our Members Say...

Every Doctor promotes the values I hold dear to my heart, the values I was brought up with, the values of my family.
John Smyth
I became a member of EveryDoctor as it was the only group that to me provided a clear and credible commentary on the state of our NHS that was prepared to analyse the situation and comment on it positively, objectively and critically. It is a place where views can be shared and respected - a rare thing nowadays!”
James Fagan-King
Everydoctor fills the space we know has been empty for too long. Their advocacy is pragmatic, creative, persistent and caring. I couldn’t, in all conscience, not be involved.
Marion Leighton
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